Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Last weekend we surpised my Mom for her Birthday and came up for a visit. It was their first time meeting Afton. Love at first sight. Afton thought it was the best thing ever she was hald all weekend long. A dream come true for her. So this week has been a little rough. But we are getting things back to normal. One of the best things around going for a visit is that I get some much needed time around and dont have to worry about who has my kids. I wish we lived closer it would be so nice to have a date night every once in a while. But I think that make the visit that much better. A few months ago we were going though some old boxes that had stuff from when I was a kid in it. One thing that I pulled out was my tooth fairy pillow that my Mom had maked me. You would put your tooth in the pocket on the back and the tooth fairy would take it and leave you money in the pocket instead. Me and my siblings each had one. When Avery saw it she was wanted one. So I asked my Mom if she would make Avery one. Which of course she was happy to do. (What a great Mom I have). She went out and found the perfect fabric. That had a little girl which looked just like Avery on it with her fairy wings. It was perfect Avery fall in love with it and has not stopped sleeping with it since. But when we stopped in for a visit my Mom had come up a other idea for a tooth fairy pillow. And it was super cute and I just love it. And she had one for Afton as well. I told you I have a great Mom. I love passing on this tradition with my girls. When Avery asked Blain were his tooth pillow was he told her that he didnt have one. She told him that she would share hers with him. She is so thoughful!! Oh and just a update Avery has not losted any of her teeth just yet. Most of her friends and cousins have but not her. But she didnt get teeth till she was 9 months. So I didnt plan on her losting any just yet. But we are all prepared for when she dose. And just the other day she told me that she thought one was loose. So maybe it will be happening here soon. Time will tell.

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