Saturday, March 27, 2010

My New Job!!

I got a new job. I will be working at All About Teeth as a Dental Assistant/Front Desk. I am really excited and cant wait to start. My first day will be April 5th. Im sad to leave good co-worker and patients. But Im sure that I will meet other great patients and office staff. Wish me luck!!

Disney On Ice!!

This was so much fun. I am so glad we decide to go. Avery had a blast!!

Buckle Up Teddy

One morning I come out and Teddy is all buckled in Avery's car seat and I ask her "Who did that?" And Avery tells me "I did Mama" Seat belts are to keep you safe. I just laughed and was glad she care enough about Teddy to keep him safe. Smart girl!!

Ave's 4th Birthday!!

Ave got a big girl bike
The cute kitty rings came on top of each of the cupcakes!!

Avery's Birthday Party!!

Ave opening some of the gifts
All the girls in there tu-tus
Here are the girls dancing!!

Avery had such a great b-day party she had a few friends over and we played games and eat cake and open her gifts. She had a great time and so did the girls that came. Cant wait for next year!!