Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Almost 4!!

My baby girl is almost 4!! Tomorrow she turns 4 and I dont know if im ready for it. I feel like time has just passed to fast. Its crazy to think that its been 4 years. I remember it just like yesterday. But I could not be happier. She is our pride and joy and not a moment goes by that I dont thank my lucky stars for her. She is truly the most wonderful child!! Happy Birthday Ave!! You mean the world to us. And we love you so very much!!

Play Dough

Avery has so much fun when she plays with her play dough. She makes tons of cool stuff. She is so crafty!! And she is such a cutie!! I cant wait to see what she rolls out next.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pampered Chef Party!!

Ok Me & Blain are having a Pampered Chef Party on February 16th(tuesday) @ 6:30pm here at our house. Its going to be so much fun. I hope all you can join us. If you have any question please feel free to call me or Anita. And if for some reason you can't come you can always order online at pamperedchef.biz/anitagerber (enter my name) so we know which party to apply it too. I hope to see all you there!! Oh and we are making Nacho's!! They will be so yummy. So come and have fun!! Thanks

"Short Cut"

Avery got her hair cut on Saturday by a friend of mine named Kaylee B. Avery did a great job!! She was so excited to get her hair cut by Kaylee. She kept calling it a short cut. It was so funny!! Now that her hair is short I can do it much better. She cut off at least 6 inches if not more. Wow oh wow that is a ton of hair.


Almost time...

Ave getting her hair washed

During the haircut

Before we cut!!

Flood Damage!!

One of the Downstair Walls
Upstair Living Room

This is some of damage the flood has caused. We had to ripe out the hard wood in the kitchen, dinning room & laundry room. We also had to ripe out the carpet in the upstairs living room. The carpet downstair is also riped up and now needs to be put back. The dry wall needs to be replaced in the basement and walls re-painted. This has been a long road. Its been kinda hard to do much cooking with the fridge in the living room and the range/oven in the dinning room things have been kinda moved all over the place. But we are making things work. I cant believe all the damage. Lucky for us we have insurance which will be going up but hey at least we have it. Things will look really nice once we get things back together and in their places. I look forward to getting things back to normal.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Updated Kitchen for 2010

So Amazing!!

Love It!!!

As you all know we have been wanting to update our house little by little. So this year the big project is the kitchen. I wanted to turn the cabients from a light oak to a black like almost everything in our home. And get all new appliance's. And of course have granted counter tops. So we did almost all that but we were not able to get the granted yet. That will come a little later in the year. But it looks so nice and just how I pictured it in my mind. I have to say that my husband is the best!! He did most of it all yesterday why I was at work. What a great guy he is. We still have a few things that we are finishing such as the antiquing of the cabients and painting the chair backs but for the most part it finished and looks amazing!!

Snow Days!!

Snow, snow, snow!! We have had so many days of snow that we just had to take advange of it an make a snowman. Every time that it snows and Blain goes out to shovel the walk Ave has to go too. Blain even got a shovel for her that is her size. So cute what a helper. But for Christmas Ave got a sled and she had to take it out and play with it. I had to make hot chocolate just to get her to come in. With all the fun toys its hard to get her to come back in. She had tons of fun!!