Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Problems!!

As many of you might have noticed I have been having many problems with my blog!! For some reason I cant get it to do anything right. And since blogger change some stuff it dosent seem to want to work either. Im not sure what to do? Has anyone eles had problems too or is it just me? I hope to get things worked out soon so I can once again post pictures.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dance Baby Dance!!!

Ave all dressed up!!

Avery started Dance Class and she having such a good time and loves going each week. She has loves music and so these things go hand in hand together. Plus she has fun with all her new friends. I just love hearing all about it when she gets home.


This was our first camping trip for 2010. Avery loves to camp!! Which I dont think she gets from me. This girl loves everything about camping the food, fire, adventure walks, dirt&rocks you name it she loves it. So it makes things so fun. And we got to spend a little time with Chris & Kaylee which is always fun!! Thanks guys it was a blast cant wait to do it again!!

Best Buddies Ave & Kaylee
The boys!!
All of us on our adventure walk!!
Kaylee & Chris
Kaylee, Ave,& Chris
Me, Blain & Ave
All of us!!

Avery roasting her HOT DOG!!


Its been forever!! I know I know... Ok so this crazy life I have just keeps me so super crazy busy. But here is a update on what has been going on with us. I started my new job and I really do like it. But there are a few things that kinda bug. But I think you get that with each and every job. But for the most part I do like it. But the thing I miss the most is the people!! Jenn, Hollie, Dr G and yes even some of the patients!! But I am getting to know lots of new people and that has been fun. As for Avery she graduated pre-school this May!! And she was kinda sad that she didnt get to go to Miss Hilary twice a week. But luck for us we still get to hang out. And then she started dance class(tumbling & tap/ballet). She has loved it!! She will start pre-school again in September this time her teacher will be Brooke Stoker. And I think she will have a blast. She has a couple of friends that will be in her class again this year. Which I think always helps!! And then of course Blain... He has been a very busy boy. Work, work and a little bit of Golf if the weather has worked in his favor which has not been much :( And this year he got me to start playing with him on the links. And to my surpise I have really started to like it. What a game Golf is!! Its been fun to play with some other couples and get to have some time together. We have also been spending as much time with family as possible. His Brother Chris will be leaving for Spokana in August and we have really been craming in as much time as possible with him. Look for our camping pic's soon to come!! Its been a busy few months but have been fun and exciting too!! I promise that I will be blogging more just you wait....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My New Job!!

I got a new job. I will be working at All About Teeth as a Dental Assistant/Front Desk. I am really excited and cant wait to start. My first day will be April 5th. Im sad to leave good co-worker and patients. But Im sure that I will meet other great patients and office staff. Wish me luck!!

Disney On Ice!!

This was so much fun. I am so glad we decide to go. Avery had a blast!!

Buckle Up Teddy

One morning I come out and Teddy is all buckled in Avery's car seat and I ask her "Who did that?" And Avery tells me "I did Mama" Seat belts are to keep you safe. I just laughed and was glad she care enough about Teddy to keep him safe. Smart girl!!

Ave's 4th Birthday!!

Ave got a big girl bike
The cute kitty rings came on top of each of the cupcakes!!

Avery's Birthday Party!!

Ave opening some of the gifts
All the girls in there tu-tus
Here are the girls dancing!!

Avery had such a great b-day party she had a few friends over and we played games and eat cake and open her gifts. She had a great time and so did the girls that came. Cant wait for next year!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Almost 4!!

My baby girl is almost 4!! Tomorrow she turns 4 and I dont know if im ready for it. I feel like time has just passed to fast. Its crazy to think that its been 4 years. I remember it just like yesterday. But I could not be happier. She is our pride and joy and not a moment goes by that I dont thank my lucky stars for her. She is truly the most wonderful child!! Happy Birthday Ave!! You mean the world to us. And we love you so very much!!

Play Dough

Avery has so much fun when she plays with her play dough. She makes tons of cool stuff. She is so crafty!! And she is such a cutie!! I cant wait to see what she rolls out next.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pampered Chef Party!!

Ok Me & Blain are having a Pampered Chef Party on February 16th(tuesday) @ 6:30pm here at our house. Its going to be so much fun. I hope all you can join us. If you have any question please feel free to call me or Anita. And if for some reason you can't come you can always order online at (enter my name) so we know which party to apply it too. I hope to see all you there!! Oh and we are making Nacho's!! They will be so yummy. So come and have fun!! Thanks

"Short Cut"

Avery got her hair cut on Saturday by a friend of mine named Kaylee B. Avery did a great job!! She was so excited to get her hair cut by Kaylee. She kept calling it a short cut. It was so funny!! Now that her hair is short I can do it much better. She cut off at least 6 inches if not more. Wow oh wow that is a ton of hair.


Almost time...

Ave getting her hair washed

During the haircut

Before we cut!!