Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink, Pink, & you guessed it more PINK!!

Avery saw a pink tree in the store and thought it was the best thing ever. She asked if she could have one for her birthday. So i found this cute little tree and we picked out all sorts of fun stuff to put on it. We had lots of fun and now she has her very own little pink tree. She just loves it. And tell me "Mom my tree is sooo beautiful it sparkles!!" And she is right it dose sparkle and shine!!

Thanksgiving Day

For Thanksgiving this year we got to spend time with Blain's Family. We went down to Dad & Cheryl's house. It was lots of fun to see Chris & Kaylee and Lydia and the kids. Avery had fun playing with her cousin. We even got to stop by and see Cali, Justin and Baby Boston. Who by the way is super cute. Good job guys!! All in all it was nice to spend time with family. I could not be more thankful for my wonderful family who is alway there for me. I love you all so very very much!! Hope you have a wonderful turkey day!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun!!

Pumpkin Pie

Turkey Hat

These are some of things that Avery has made at preschool this week. She loves her teacher (Miss Hilary) and her class and everything they do!! I am so glad that she was be able to go to preschool its been great for her. She loves her turkey hat and it looks so cute on her. (Preschool + Teacher = :)happy Avery)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Giveaway!!

Ok peeps enter to win the awesome giveaway at
super cool and its free and its a great way to start off this hoilday season. Plus everyone knows someone who would love this giveaways so spread the word an lets see how many people we can get to enter this. Also family is welcome to enter. I hope to see all of you enter. Thanks again for your support and kind words of encourgement!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy, Sad, Surpised, Mad......

You will never have a dull moment with Avery around. If you are SAD she will make you HAPPY. And if you are HAPPY she will SURPISE you. And sometimes she can even make you MAD!! But one thing is for sure. You will always enjoy the time you have with her. And I bet you wont forget it either!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

bEaniE lOve!!?!!

Ok so as we all know I am not a fan of winter!! But one of the things I do like about winter is the beanies. Avery & Blain love them just as much as I do. Avery is so funny she has loved them since as long as I can remember. So of course its not a surpise that she had to have one too. She kinda told over my pink one. When we got home after 3 hrs of shopping she still would not take it off. What can I say she just loves beanies just like me!!!

Us sporting our beanies
Some of the new beanie that we just love!!
She would not take it off.
Ave & the pink beanie

My Little Pony

Avery loves her ponys!! She plays with them all day every day. She can't wait till Christmas. She is going to ask Santa for more ponys. She knows all the names of each pony and its so cute to hear her talk to them!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

6 Years!!

Ok so the month of October was really busy for us. We had so much going on that I was not able to post about our 6 year Anniversary. On October 23rd we celebrated our 6years together. That night we went down to Syracuse to do Vendor Night at the daycare. It was tons of fun but lots of hard work. So we really didnt get to celebrate to much. But the next day was Kaylee's endowment session which she did in the Logan Temple. And we got to be part of. It was so great. It was kind of nice that they picked to get married just a week after us cause the whole time I was reminded of our wedding and the commitment and convents we had made together. It was also nice to see the love that they had for each other and how happy they have become together. As I watched them a flood of memories came back to me and how that had once and still is me and Blain. During the ceremony Kaylee had this look on her face that remind me of myself and I just had to laugh. I felt like I knew just what was going though her mind. I was pretty sick at the wedding and they had each person introduce themseleves and give advice to them. I was not able to do eitherof these things. But as I listened in pain to each person who stood and spoke they all had good words of wisdom. The advice that I wanted to share with them is just the same as the sealers. He told them as they grow together and go through trials and hard times as well as the good ones they will find they love each other more than they do now. I can testify of this. I think that I and Kaylee are very fortunate to have the Young boys as our husbands. They are good kind men who love with all their hearts and they always put there wife's needs and wants before their own. I know that the 6 years we have been married has been the best 6 years of my life. I am over joyed that I have someone who loves me for me and is always there to listen laugh and love me. I am so grateful for a mother in law who raised her boys up in the gospel and showed them how to treat and respect women. I know that through all the hard times and struggles we have had together that my love has grown. I know that Blain is always there for me. I know that I can go though anything and I will have his support and love. It makes the good times that much better. I know in the scriptures it talks about unity and how we should try to become as one. I truly feel as if we have done this and that we complete one other. So I look forward to many more happy years together. Thanks Blain I love you and cant wait to see what the future holds for us. Because I know that with you I can do anything!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Stuff

Part of Chris & Kaylee's Wedding!!

Me & Ave
Grandpa & Avery

The boys being silly!!

A puff of pink

Kaylee & her crew

Brothers, Best Friends, Best Man & Groom whatever you get the point right?
The Groom