Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wicked Witch of Hyrum!!

As you may have guessed Avery is going to be a witch for Halloween. She is so excited about it. She has her black cat(which is her bag) her black hat and her broom. She is all set and cant wait to go trick or treating!! If you ask her what kind of witch she is she will tell you a bad witch. She thinks it so funny to be a bad witch!! So I hope that all of you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I know we sure will.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few more from the 2006

Here are few from her first Halloween in 2006!! I just love how cute she was when she was little. Its are hard to beleive that she has grown up so much and so fast!!

Can you beleive how fast time flies???

2006 (Ave's first Halloween)
This year!!

Pumpkin Patch

We love to go to the pumpkin patch each year and pick out pumpkins!! Halloween is are fav hoilday and we love to do all the fun things that this season brings. We had so much fun picking out pumpkins and we got to go into the maze. Ave did really good and had lots of fun. She looked and searched for just the right pumpkin.
Us at the pumpkin patch!!

Ave w/the pumpkins we picked out!!

Me looking for Ave in maze!!

Ave in the maze

Ave w/pumpkins

Me & Avery

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hair Hair and More Hair

Avery has so much hair. Its not even funny!! Since the day she was born. Everyone to this day still will stop us in the store and tells us how much hair she has.(As if I didnt know.) She had about 6 inches cut off about a year ago and within 4 months it had all grown back. So it has been up to me on how to do it!! Which if you know me you know that I am not the best at doing hair. Just look at mine!! But I do have to say that her Dad has been pretty good at helping with her hair. He has had to do it many times when I have not been around and it has come out rather good. So I have been searching for ways to do Ave's hair. She has been such a trooper with it all. I starting looking at some websites that show you how to do it. Which has worked great. But all in all we like to come up with some of our own. And this is one of them. Hope you all enjoy. Ave had fun posing for these pic's. So we had do some silly faces :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Young n' Trendy!!

Ok so my business is up and running. I am still setting everything up. But I am excited to anncoune that Young n' Trendy is up and going. Check my shop out at youngandtrendy.blogspot.com I am super excited and cant wait to see what everyone thinks so make sure and leave your comments. Also on October 23rd I will be featured at Care Alot Daycare. So come check me out. Details on the website. Thanks and hope to see ya all soon!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Husband Ever!!

Ok just so you all know I have the best husband ever!! I know that some of you have great husbands which is great but no one has one as good as me!! Over the weekend my arm starting hurting so bad that I could not even use/move it. I layed in bed and cryed!! I thought for sure I was going to die!! Well my dear, sweet hubby came home and had all sorts of things to cheer me up!! One of the best things was the KT Tape(Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape)!! If you have not heard of this tape I will tell you all about it. Its so neat. Its used to help and support muscles and joints, provides pain relief, waterproof, enhance muscle and joint mobility. So he taped up my arm and gave me more pain meds!! I started to feel much better. I cant tell you just how much that tape helped my arm if not for that I dont know what I would have done!! But to make things ever better I had to work on Monday which I was kinda worried about so I went into work and Dr Johnson re raped my arm in a basket wave. By raping the tape in different patterns it will help with certain problems and cause he specialist in this he was able to help me even more!! Thanks Dr J!! But the topper is that my dear, sweet, hot hubby came into my work with a dozen red roses and hot coca for me!! He is so sweet to me. He is always thinking to ways to make me happy and help me out!! How can one person be so lucky!! I am so greatful for him. He is not only the best husband ever but he is the best Daddy!! Just ask his mini me who walks and talks in his ever foot step!! Blain we love you sooo much and we think your the best Daddy and husband and Boss ever!! Thanks for all you do for us!! And especially for me!!

Avery and her headband!!

I made some headband for my shop and Avery got to be my model one and she loved it so much that she would not take it off so it just became hers!! Which is fine by me!! But I was glad to see that she liked it so much!!

Sleepy Avery!!

Avery was so sleepy one night that she put her self to bed and when I came in to look this is what I found. She is such a angel when she is asleep!!