Saturday, September 5, 2009

McBride Barn & Farm

Hyrum, 1925

So after talking to my cousin Gina at our family reunion I found out that we had a little piece of history just down the street. Come to find out my Great Grandma June and all her family are from the Hyrum area and helped found the city. And this is the barn that Warren McBride built in 1925. We came to take a look around and get some pic's and lucky for us Madelyn McBride was there. She was so sweet and nice and let us look all around. She and her husband are the caretakers of the barn and farm. We are related and it was so nice to get to know her and hear all the family history. I feel so blessed that the barn and farm have been able to be kept in the family. I think it so wonderful that I have the opportunity to go and see the land and touch what they worked so hard to build. What a great feeling I had as I walked around the farm. What a great experience it was!!

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