Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hugs & Kisses!!

Oh how cute!!

Avery & Jocelyn!! They both just love each other!! No matter how much fighting goes on in the end they love each other just like sisters do!! Plus both are 3!! So there is double the trouble!!

The Lake!!

Avery in the sand!!

Everyone on the log!!

Blain & Avery on the log!!

Blain & Sean were at each end pushing the kids back and forth. They loved it!!
Cayden, Braxton & MaKenna playing on the log!!
The girls

We all went to the lake to cool down. It was a very hot day and with no air it can get super hot. So we head down to the lake for a BBQ and some swimming. It was lots of fun. The kids had so much fun on the log. Avery didnt like the water cause it was brown and she thought it was dirty!! But she loved playing on the log. It was so nice to have something fun and cool to do. Cant wait to do it again!!

Car Wash

Avery is such a good helper!!

Avery loves to help!! She can be such a good helper. She loves to help Daddy the most!! Its so cute to watch her try to do what he is doing. She helps in her own little way.

The 24th

Last year!!
This year!!

It has become a tradition to take a pitcure by the flag each July 4th or 24th. So here is the famous flag picture and a flashback from last year.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Binky Chains

These make great gifts!!
Binky Chain #1
This part clips to the babys outfit

This part holds the binky/pacifier on
Best veiw of them

Small Frame


Black Frame

Yellow Antiqued Frame