Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Memorial Day!!

Miles, Jace & Ave

They had fun tossing rocks into the mud puddle.
Oh how what fun!!


The Baby Cows were so cute

Both Blain & Chris had to work on Memorial Day. But after they got home we went over and had a BBQ!! It was tons of fun. After we were done we went over to Amanda sisters farm and looked around. I could not get over how beautiful this farm was. I am way excited to get our family photos done here. This place is perfect and a special thank you to Amanda sister Joni who was such a sweetheart and just let us walk around the place. Avery has been here before and just loves the place and thinks the cow are so cool. The whole way home she was moooing!! It was so funny!!

Avery's Jeep!!

Avery saved up all her money ($50.00) and wanted to buy this power wheel. Her friends Miles & Jace both have one and so she has been riding theirs around and just loved it. So we decide to help her out a bit and she has never been happier!! We took it over to their house for Memorial Day and they all droved around and around having the best time ever.(hopefully I can post the video im not sure how yet but I will try) It was so much fun to see how happy she was. And she just loved driving. She was pretty good she had a few crashes and times when she need Daddy's help. But all in all she did WAY GOOD!! I cant tell you how excited she was to play with her new jeep it had been raining for 2 days so she never got to ride it and she was so bummed. She would just sit at the back patio door and look at her jeep under the cover and tell us that it was raining she couldnt ride her new jeep. So when the rain stopped we were out there as fast as we could.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Blain!?!

I know can you believe this more shoes!! This makes 1,357 right? j/k he he he...
The B-day Boy!!

Happy Birthday Babe!! And for his b-day he got a pair of new shoes!! For all of you that know Blain you know how much he likes shoes. This is huge!! He found some cool croc's shoe that are way stylish and super cozy. What a combo. So I just had to get them for his special day and boy has he excited!! So after his long day at work today I hope his feet are not hurting from wearing his new shoes!! Happy Birthday Blain we love you so much!! Your the best husband and father ever!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our Adventure!!

We had such a fun weekend!! We went up the canyon and took a hike and then BBQ with some close friends of ours Chris & Amanda!! Oh boy did we have fun!! It was such a nice day and so we played and played and then we had dinner and after dinner we stared a fire and made smores!! The kids had a blast. Avery loves playing with Jace and Miles. They have the best toys and she thinks she is one of the boys!! She just loves to hang out with Amanda/Chris. I asked Avery to hold my hand during part of the walk and she told me "No" and ran over to Amanda and hald her hand. I was feeling pretty sad but happy that she and Amanda have so much fun together. She just loves being one of the Egberts!! Sorry guys!! Now you have an extra one for life. I knew you always wanted a girl!! he he he... But we had so much fun we cant wait to go do it again this summer!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vickie Belvin Gerrard Young

Born: May 28th 1954
Married: May 11th 1973 (Logan Temple)
Died: May 15th 2004
"Long ago an angel shared her heart with me and I with her. We will be one forever and always.

Yesterday was a sad day for the Young Family. We went and visited Vickie's grave. (Blain's Mom). May 15th marks 5 years that she has been gone. We miss her each and every day. There is not a moment that goes by that we dont think or remember her. We tell Avery storys about Grandma Vickie all the time. And how she helped Heavenly Father send her to us. We are so blessed to have such a angel watch over us. We can feel her present with us daily and know she is there whenever we need to talk or just to comfort us in our time of need. We miss her so much and our hearts are full of sorrow and pain. But we know she has finally found peace and is truthly happy.
to learn more about her story visit:http://motherhadasecret.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Little Star

My little star!!

She always finds a way to make me laugh
What a silly girl

She is sooo sassy!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Top 10 Deadliest Animals
(According to LiveScience.com)

1 Mosquito
2 Asian Cobra
3 Australian box jellyfish
4 Great Wite Shark
5 Africian Lion
6 Australian saltwater crocodile
7 Elephant
8 Polor Bear
9 Cape Buffalo
10 Dart Frog

Friday, May 1, 2009


Avery could not wait for a nice day to take her clubs out and hit some balls. It was so cute to see her take right after her Dad. She just loved hitting the balls as hard as she could and then running right over to them again and again it never got old. And she never got tired. She is going to be the next Tiger Woods. He started when he was 3 and now look at how good he is. I have some high hopes for her. But with all her natural talent I think she will go far. Can't wait to see what the future hold for her. Whenever we stop by Blain's store for a visit she run right over to the golf dept and starting playing with all the clubs and then wants to go into the golf cage and hit the balls. I have never seen a little girl want to golf so much. It must come from her Dad. He loves to golf and is on the course whenever he gets the chance. In fact a couple of weeks ago it was the Men's Opening Social and his team won the golf game and they were 15 under!! They were so happy that we had to go to Hamiltons for dinner. Which was such a blast thanks Chris & Amanda for that great idea. It was yummy and I was happy to help celebrate the win!! Go team go!!