Sunday, March 22, 2009

Turtle Time

When Avery's Grandma & Grandpa Young came for a visit they bought her a birthday gift. The huge turtle!! She loves it!! She wont leave a room without it. And each night she has to sleep with it. The first night she had to sleep on top of it. It was so funny. We had to go in and take pitcures. Which of course woke her up. But now she loves to sleep with it on top of her like a blanket. But its been so fun to watch her have tea partys and read books on it. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa. You always know just what to get her.


Jonnie & Ash said...

LOL! She is such a doll!!!

Ari Anna Johnson said...

That is so cute! My goofy thing as a kid was sleeping inside of a pillowcase every night. My parents thought I was pretty funny! But a turtle looks like more fun!!!

Dustin & Ashley said...

Love the turtle pillow, that thing is huge! She is so cute! It was good to see you today :)