Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow Storm

One day its spring and next is winter. Guess what our small town(Hyrum)was on the news. We got the most snow of everyone on Monday. Its so crazy how much we got. We got over 22 inch. I cant beleive this. Blain spended hours outside shoveling. The snow never stopped every time I looked out the window it was snowing it didnt stop till around 10:45pm. We didnt have any snow on the ground and now we have mountains. Avery loves the snow and yells at the top of her lungs "its snowing" over and over again. After Blain had finished shoveling Avery got all geared up and went out to play. They had tons of fun. I wish I could have joined in. It was sooo cold out there she could not stay long and when she did come in she was cold and blue. But she was enjoyed every moment. She is such a happy kid no matter what she is doing. I just love how every thing is such a joy to her and she is laughing each and every day. We could all learn so much from her simple joy. What a good example she is to me.

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