Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Of Friends!!!

The Update On My Arm!!

So my arm is getting better. Little by little. I am now back to work and have been for 2 weeks and things are going well. I still cant do all that much but I am slowing getting there. I am so lucky to have a job like I do. They have been so sweet to work with me. I feel so bad cause I know just how stressful things can be and poor Jenn had to deal with so much why I was gone. She was sure happy that I came back. And I was so glad to be back!!! I get to start PT this week and I am so excited. The more I can do the better. We are headed in the right direction.


Avery's 3rd Birthday!!

I can hardly believe that my baby girl is 3. Wow oh wow how the time flys!! For Avery birthday we had lots of fun. She went down to the store and got pitcures done. And she got to open her gifts she got the movie Madagascar 2 and Tinkerbell doll that she just loves. And her cake was a Tinkerbell cake. She was so excited when she saw it!! She loves cake what little kid dosent. We all had fun!! And we borrowed the movie Madagascar from our friends(Thanks Chris & Amanda). And we watched it and had popcorn and snacks. It was so much fun to see Avery play with her new toys. She is just so funny when it comes to playing pretend with her dolls.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What a little stinker!!!

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

For the super bowl we had over a few friends!!(The Hawkins & The Egberts) I was still really out of it but it was fun to have people over and talk. The boys loved it!!! But right as the super bowl was ending Blain got a call from work and he had to go in and lock up the store. So we recorded the end of the game and when he got home we watch the end of it. And that was it got good. All in the last 2 mins of the game. But we had lots of fun!!! Thanks guys for coming and all the good food!!!

Battle Scars

This is my wonderful scar. I have 20 staples and they will be coming out tommorrow. I also have a stainless steel plate and 9 screws. Oh boy what fun it has been. The Doctor said that things are coming along good. I am doing a little bit of physical therapy. They just gave me a new cast that was moulded to my upper arm. Which is way cool cause before they had my whole arm wrap in a splint. Which totally sucked. So now we are on are way to recovery(6weeks)!!!