Thursday, January 29, 2009

Broken Arm!!!

Ok so for all of you that might not know I broken my right humerus on thursday the
22nd. I had surgry the next day and the doctor said everything went well. But for the next 6 weeks i am not able to do all things that i normally do. So the blog will not be updated as much. Thanks to everyone who has helped me & my family. You guys have been so great. I am so thankful for good friends and neigbhoods who are so willing to help. Thanks again!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Young Family Loves To Rock Out!!!!

aLl tHe FuN sTuFf wE dID!!!

Getting Ready For New Years Eve!!!!

The Rockettes

Ok so listen to this funny story. All the kids were downstairs playing and all the adults were upstairs talking when we heard this noice and thought one of the kids was crying and then it stopped. And so we went back to talking and we heard it again. So Tiffany went down to see what was going on and came back up and was like we have pitcure moment downstair. So we grabbed the camera's and headed down. The girls all had the guiater from the wii on and were singing at the top of there lungs!!! It was so funny I had to laugh. They were rocking out and having so much fun. I would not be surpised if one of them became famous. They are so cute and have so much talent. Rock on girls!!!

New Years Eve 2008

We had SOOOOOO much fun for New Years!!! Tiffany & Sean and the kids came up and we spend the night eating and playing games. We had the most fun ever. Avery had the best time. She was so excited to have 5 cousin to play with. She has one cousin Makenna who is 6 month older than her and then Jocelyn who is 6 months younger than her. So she gets the best of both worlds. Plus 3 more cousins to play with too. What more could a person ask for??? When it was time for them to leave Avery was very sad. She kept asking me & Blain were her sisters where. She just loves them as if they were her sisters. That is so cute!!!