Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Fun!!!!

For Christmas Eve we went up to Dad & Cheryl's. We had so much fun. We had almost the whole family there. We had Cali & Justin, Chris, Heidi, Tiffany & Sean & all the kids. The only one we were missing was Lydia. She was not feeling well. We hope she gets feeling better soon. We miss & love you very much!!!
We had lots of fun and food!!! After we pigged out on Cheryl's homemade chili(which was so tasty!!!) We headed out to go look at the lights. Which was crazy cause the line to see the lights was so long!! I guess we were not the only ones with that idea. But we made it and got to see all the cool lights. It was so much fun to get to spend time with all the family. It just felt so good to spend time with the people you love at this time of the year.

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