Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Here we are opening our Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Avery was so excited about her kitchen. She has not stopped playing with it since. We are just so glad that she really loves everything that Santa and brought her. She had a very Merry Christmas!!!

More Christmas Eve Fun!!!!

Christmas Eve Fun!!!!

For Christmas Eve we went up to Dad & Cheryl's. We had so much fun. We had almost the whole family there. We had Cali & Justin, Chris, Heidi, Tiffany & Sean & all the kids. The only one we were missing was Lydia. She was not feeling well. We hope she gets feeling better soon. We miss & love you very much!!!
We had lots of fun and food!!! After we pigged out on Cheryl's homemade chili(which was so tasty!!!) We headed out to go look at the lights. Which was crazy cause the line to see the lights was so long!! I guess we were not the only ones with that idea. But we made it and got to see all the cool lights. It was so much fun to get to spend time with all the family. It just felt so good to spend time with the people you love at this time of the year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve @ Dad& Cheryl's House!!!!

Christmas Pagamas

In our family each year it is a tradition to open Christmas pj's on Chritmas Eve. We love pagamas. I think they are the best thing ever. You can't beat getting on a nice warn pair of pjs and drinking hot coco.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone!!! I just wanted to tell all my friends and family to have a very Merry Christmas. We have had a eventful year with lots of ups & downs. We are looking forward to the new year and can't wait to see what it brings. I hope all you have a wonderful New Year.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Come & Play!!!

Avery loves to play. She just can't wait to get up and play each and every day. She will play by herself or with others she is always having so much fun. When she is playing by herself its so funny to hear what she is saying. She loves her tea party set. She has been giving tea and cookies to everyone that comes over. She also makes the best pretend soup you have ever had. She is learning and growing so fast. She is always coming up with new ideas. She is so fun. She keeps me on my toes. Did I forget to tell you she loves to sing and dance. She takes right after Blain and his family. She loves to play the guiater!! When Blain is playing his she will sing and dance. She is so loud exspecailly at church so we have to tell her to tone it down a bit. She will sing you a bedtime song if your tried. Its so cute cause she will whisper it. I know she has so many talents and I love to watch as she share each one of them. I have been so blessed she is the best kid a parent could want. She has her moments but for the most part she is such a good girl. I could not be happier with her.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree Fun

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Avery just could not wait to get the tree out. She kept asking to put up the tree. So we did and boy oh boy was she so excited. She was dancing all around to the Christmas music we had going and eating all the treat and telling us just how she wanted things. It was so much fun. I can't believe how into she was. She saw that we put a gift under the tree for her and carried it around with her the whole time. She was so funny about it. She keeps going up to the red ball that she put on the tree first and saying: "this is mine." She is really attached to this one red ball. All the others she could care less about. But this one is special I guess.

Turkey Time

This year for Thanksgiving we stayed home. Blain had to work like he always dose. But Dad and Cheryl were going up to Montana and Tiffany & Sean were going to Sean family's. And Lydia was going to come up to join us but she was not able too. And Chris of course went to Kaylee's. So it was just the 3 of us. We had a good time and Blain was super proud of his Turkey. We fired our turkey again this year and it tasted great. Ave was mad cause Blain had to go to work. So she at first refused to eat but a little later she gave in and had a little bit. We had a good time but it was kinda different without any family or friends to join us this year.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

We have such a good Thanksgiving. We had lots to be thankful for. We started off our day by watching the Macy Thanksgiving Parade. It was Ave's first year that she actually would sit and watch some of it. She loved the Dora float. She thought it was so cool.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Applesauce!!! Ave spend a day with Grandpa George & Grandma Cheryl. And she came back doing Applesause. It cracks me up. I just have to say whenever she spends time with Grandpa she comes home doing the most silly things. She loves her Grandpa. There is something so special about Grandpa. She still refuses to say Grandma. But I know she loves her Grandma very much. Just the other day we asked her what she wanted to do and she told us go to Grandpa's. She is always asking about Grandpa. I am so glad that he makes and can spend time with her cause she just loves it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here are the after photos. We still are not finished we need to add some crown modeling and some pictures and decor still need to be hung. But we are almost there.

Room Remodel

Ok so here are some of the before photo's.
It was so empty!! We were waiting to find some furniture that we liked and that would fit into this room (cause its a little small and shaped funny). So Blain had some extra time before he went to his dentist appt so he stopped by Sam's Club to pick up a couple of things. And saw the leather couch, chair & ottomen that were the perfect color and size we needed. So he sent me a picture and asked what I thought... I could not believe that he had found exactly what we wanted and needed. I was so excited that I ran down on my lunch break and took a look at them. Lucky for us they had a demo out on the floor!!! And so I sat in them and to my surpise they were comfortable. So we ended up getting them!!! We had to use both cars. And it all fit. Good thing cause we have no idea what we were going to do if they didn't fit. So then all we needed to do was paint. So on my way home I stopped and got paint. Blain was so sweet cause by the time I got home it was close to 7. And he was still wanted to paint. So we set everything up and started. What I mean by we started was really just Blain I was in the kitchen making cookies. And so after I was finished making cookies I was sleepy and headed to bed. Blain stayed up and painted. I woke up around 1:30 am and he was still painting. (by the way he had to work at 7am the next morning) I went out to see how far he was and he was just about finished. So we went out and got the furniture and brought it in and set it all up. I was so excited to see it all together. It looks so nice. I am really glad that it turn out the way it did. I could not be happier. Blain is such a sweetheart for doing that all for me. He worked so hard and then got up at 7 to go to work. I was so shocked he was able to get up. Good job babe!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Many Faces of Avery Lyn

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cute As Can Be!!!

Avery got a new dress and she loves it. She will ask me every day if she can wear it. She loves to wear dresses. And she also asked me if she could wear the ribbon in her hair. She loves to dress herself. She thinks she is so big and can do everything by herself. Some days she is open to suggestions. Other days its all about her and what she wants. She is very independant. She likes to do all most everything on her own. Sometimes she can be so stubborn. Wonder who she gets that from???

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Look Back

Me & Blain were going over some old photos last night and we just couldn't believe how big Avery is getting. When you look back at the photos you can see that she is getting to be such a big girl. Its hard for me to see because I am with her all the time so I don't notice as much. Its kinda bittersweet for me because I look at her and think "oh my where has the time gone"? And then I am excited to see all the new things she learns but then sad again because she will never be this little again. Am I the only one who goes thought this? I sure hope not!!! But looking at the old photo's was so much fun and it reminded me of all the fun stuff we have done and all the things I look forward to doing.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ok so here are some of my fav pic's of Avery in her Halloween Outfit. She just loves dressing up!!! She had so much fun this year. Both me & Blain had some much fun watching her walk up to the doors and hearing her say "trick or treat" in her sweet little voice. I just love Halloween and can't wait till next year.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gardner Village